2023 Realtor Marketing Resolution Guide

Ready to step up your marketing and business planning this year? Huge changes in behavior aren’t always realistic. Instead, let’s focus on one marketing activity at a time, resulting in a plan to help build your Marketing Muscle throughout the year!
  1. Create your business plan. Make it realistic, include your goals and the steps you will take to reach them. Now hang it up where you can see it. Everyday ask yourself, what am I doing to reach my goals today?
  2. Create a marketing plan. Make sure it supports your business plan goals. Determine how you want to speak to the groups you are targeting in your business plan and then focus your marketing efforts there.
  3. Get a CRM. Become proficient in it. Be diligent working in the system so that you get the most out of this customer satisfaction tool. If you don’t have a CRM, reach out to your Mortgage Loan Officer and ask them about Total Expert, and how it can be put to use for you.
  4. Build a professional network. We use our professional network for information, support, and sometimes assistance. It takes commitment to build and maintain a network. Use the scheduling features of Total Expert to keep in touch with your networks. For more insight, read William Arruda’s book “Digital You: Real Personal Branding in the Virtual Age.”
  5. Focus on Being Proactive. Every night create a “must-do list.” First thing in the morning, do the hardest thing on your list first. This will help eliminate procrastination and help you be more efficient.
  6. Time Blocking System. Identify high priority tasks, schedule time on your calendar to do those tasks. Schedule in breaks. Eliminate distractions. Add your time blocking schedule to your agenda book and try color-coding different tasks, from urgent to routine. This is another great efficiency tool!
  7. Make new Contacts. Have a goal of meeting at least one new contact per week for the rest of the year. Pay attention to referrals that come in through your new contacts. Don’t forget to track your success.
  8. Streamline your Prospecting. Write an e-mail that can be used for every new lead or develop a template for a handwritten note. This will speed up the process of reaching out to new prospects.
  9. Get a professional headshot and update your bio. It can be hard to write about yourself. We can help!
  10. Write your elevator speech. Create a clear, brief message or “commercial” about you. Practice your speech so you are comfortable and can deliver it effortlessly. This is a great stress-free tool that helps you start up conversations with new contacts.
  11. Put Social Media to work for you. If you are new to social media, start by committing to one personal post per week. This can be part of your time blocking plan. Schedule time to create and post your social media for the week or even the month. Our Total Expert Tool can help you with this.
  12. Create a Plan for Past Clients. How are you going to keep in touch for the long hall? Schedule follow up calls. Reach out to everyone in your database and thank them for their referrals. Ask your mortgage partner to tell you about the Client For Life program, our 7-year direct-mail client retention program. 

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